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We offer exterior car detailing in San Francisco, CA!

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San Francisco Car Detail

Exterior Car Detailing

Are you searching for a car wash in San Francisco, CA?

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San Francisco Car Detailing

When it comes to the exterior of your vehicle, you can’t limit yourself to a traditional wash and wax. You need a San Francisco Car Detail team and service that will go above and beyond.

Our service is essentially a total makeover for the exterior of your vehicle. We take care of the glass, tires, wheels, paint, and more. After we have hand washed your car, we will work to restore the vehicle’s beauty and shine.

Our process ensures that all dirt, dust, and debris are removed, including over spray, rail dust, tree sap mist, bug guts, and construction dust. This is done to restore the luster and shine with ease. Once all the contaminants have been removed, our team will polish the pain to restore the surface to a brilliant shine. The last step of our cleaning process involves the application of a high quality wax, which will provide lasting protection.

Experienced Detailing Team 

When you hire us to clean the exterior of your vehicle, you will find we follow the right process using the best products. For example, we provide a professional car wash that’s done by hand with a microfiber mitt. We will then remove and sap, tar, or bugs that are adhered to the surface and clean the brake dust off the wheel wells, tires, and rims.

The entire surface of the vehicle will be hand dried using a synthetic chamois to help eliminate water spots and streaks and all windows and mirrors are fully cleaned to ensure a streak-free finish. We don’t overlook the small details, either. For example, we will also clean all door jambs along with the trunk jamb to remove any grime or dirt. The rubber seals on your vehicle are cleaned and a protective element is added to ensure they don’t dry out or rot.

Paint Protection 

Our team will polish the paint to remove any oxidation, light scratches, and help to restore a brilliant shine. Along with the basic services mentioned above, we also offer an array of upgrades along with add-on services for the exterior of your vehicle. Thanks to advancements in the exterior auto detailing industry, we can easily and quickly extend the life of your paint and the beauty of your vehicle. Thanks to our services, you don’t have to worry about continually waxing the vehicle.

Exterior Car Detail 

We encourage you to take a look at the services we offer and what your car needs to find the cleaning and detailing solutions that best suit your situation. We can also evaluate your vehicle and help you decide what will work best for the vehicle. Being informed and knowing what services are available is the best way to ensure your car’s exterior finish and interior is protected, regardless of the age or the current state of the vehicle.

We are here to help with your car cleaning needs, call us today to learn more about the services and why we have become a top auto detail service in the San Francisco area.

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